In 2006 KANTIKA created «Éditions Kantika», which edits our recordings, facsimiles and produces travelling exhibitions.


Carlotta Buiatti, Marianne Miagat, Kristin Hoefener, Kadri Hunt, Hélène Richer and Malcolm Bothwell (fiddle/ rebec)

track 2 Stella splendens (2-part virelai)
track 5 Muito valvera mais (cantiga)
track 10 Mariam matrem (3-part polyphony)

« Estel de mar » (2009) is a programme with mediaeval pilgrim songs for the veneration of St Mary (14th c.). KANTIKA performs this programme avoiding any exaggeration and so their presentation is accompanied by only a few instruments as fiddle, rebec, recorders and tambourine. The singers with different European backgrounds take part in this interpretation, each with their own colour of voice, trying to make this recording lively and full of contrasts. The programme has been recorded in the authentic acoustics in the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.

Recorded by Adam Kard, edited by the label Christophorus and "Editions Kantika", distributed by MusiContact (Ref. CHR 77312)
www.christophorus-records.de / www.musicontact-germany.com

Carlotta Buiatti, Kinga Cserjesi, Kristin Hoefener, Kadri Hunt, Emmanuelle Thomas

track 8 Stabat iuxta (monodic hymn)
track 10 Sanctus (two-part polyphony)
track 13 Benedicamus Domino (three-part polyphony)

« O Maria virgo »
(2007) is a reconstruction of a two-part mass as the female Cistercians of the 13th and 14th century abbey Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas might have sung. The programme has been recorded in the authentic acoustics in the Norman Cistercian Abbey of Mortain, called Abbaye Blanche, where the abbey church allowed recordings at different places according to the liturgical chants.
Edited by “Editions Kantika”, distributed by Integral Distribution (Ref. KANT02)
www.integralmusic.fr / www.integralclassic.com

Kinga Cserjesi, Isabelle Dumont, Vanessa Fodil, Kristin Hoefener, Emmanuelle Thomas

track 2 Orienti oriens (two-part polyphony)
track 4 A summo celo (gradual)

« A summo celo » (2005)
First recording released in 2005, « A summo celo »,  with 11th century Aquitanian
Gregorian chants and polyphony, recorded  the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.
Edited by Benoit Machuel and his label “Label Inconnu”, sound engineer Jean-Martial Golaz. Distribution by XCP (Ref. SEL 04-0501).

Carlotta Buiatti, Kinga Cserjesi, Kristin Hoefener, Lucie Lacoste, Emmanuelle Thomas


track 3 Gloria
track 4 Agios, agios, agios

« Lux » (2006)

Gregorian chants and polyphonies from mediaeval manuscripts of the Apt cathedral,
recorded at the Abbaye Blanche of Mortain with its exceptionally pure acoustics. Lucy is said of light, and light is beauty in beholding, after that Saint Ambrose saith: “The nature of light is such, she is gracious in beholding, she spreadeth over all without lying down, she passeth in going right without crooking by right long line; and it is without dilation of tarrying, and therefore it is showed the blessed Lucy has beauty of virginity without any corruption...rightful going and devotion to God.”
The pure musical approach of KANTIKA and the magnificent acoustics of the White Abbey founded in 1115 revive the natural sound of mediaeval plain chant. Sound engineer: Adam Kard.
Edited by “Editions Kantika”, distributed by Integral Distribution (Ref. KANT01)
www.integralmusic.fr  / www.integralclassic.com

The CD’s can be ordered by E-Mail to the following address: adm@kantika.com   


Another reason for the creation of « Éditions Kantika » is the facsimile edition. These facsimiles are the result of musicological research on different projects. They are used by Kantika’s singers during the concerts. They can also be used by choir directors, singers, students and amateurs of the mediaeval repertoire. You can order by E-Mail for the price of 15€ to the following address: adm@kantika.com 

Part 1 « Sancta Lucia »
Text edition and French translation of Saint Lucy’s Mass, transcription of Gregorian chants on four lines after the following manuscripts:
  - gradual from the 13th c. (Apt, Trésor de la cathédrale n°6)
  - troper from the 11th c. (Apt, Trésor de la cathédrale n°17)

Photographic reproduction of two polyphonic hymns of a collection from the 14th c. (Apt, Trésor de la cathédrale n°16bis).

Thanks to the Direction du Patrimoine for the permission for using the reproductions for this project.


Third part of «Éditions Kantika» is formed by the conception and fabrication of travelling exhibitions. The exhibitions show the research work before a concert in, for example, tourist offices, town halls, conservatories or music schools, municipal libraries etc.
The artistic director of KANTIKA, Kristin Hoefener, also offers lectures on manuscripts, transmission of mediaeval music, the role of music in mediaeval society etc.

The young painter Jérémy Liron signed for the graphic conception and fabrication of the exhibition. Photos by Yvonne Boyer and J. Fève.

Apt cathedrale, 2005

SMunicipal Library of Chevilly-Larue, 2006
The exhibition of the Apt manuscripts has been shown at the following places: Apt cathedral (2005 and 2006), Municipal Library of Apt (2006), cathedral of Forcalquier, Rotonde of Simiane-la-Rotonde (2006), Municipal Library of Chevilly-Larue (2006), Tourist Office of Wissembourg (2006), will be at the Municipal Library of Fresnes in April 2007.


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